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Dr. Jigna Patel


Dr. Jigna Patel brings a fresh approach to Eye Care, with her specialties being Dry Eye and contact Lens fitting. Practicing Optometry since 2012, Dr. Patel graduated from the Salus College of Optometry in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. She possesses commendations for clinical excellence in the areas of Primary Care, Ocular Disease and Contact Lenses.

Born in London, UK and moving to Plymouth, NC as a youngster she calls North Carolina home. Her interest in the health care field grew when she was involved in several internships during High School.

Dr. Patel never sought out to work in the optometry field until she worked a part time job as a technician during college, which only increased her interest. The opportunity gave her the chance to be mentored by several influential ODs that helped shape her career path. She was extremely fascinated by the duality of Vision and Perception of Optometry and Ocular and Systemic health. Being able to help patients and communicate with their families affirmed that it was the best decision she ever made.

Her decision is supported by personal stories like this:

An elderly 90-something gentleman came in for a routine exam and his glasses were about a decade old. He had a history for terminal cancer, but you’d never know it with his quick wit, energy, and humor. After the exam I summarized that his eyes were in relatively great shape and health, and with some new glasses he’d be able to see substantially better. The patient took my hand, smiled with his heart, looked at me, and said, “Now, Doc, I thank you. I really do. I appreciate science and medicine and admire what you do. But I want to tell you that I was told 10 years ago that I had 1 month to live. And I am enjoying every day looking at that same gorgeous woman of mine of more than 70 years,” (pointing to his wife in the distance)…then he smiled big and turned to me, grabbed my hands, and said to me, “I’m here until HE says it’s time to close my eyes!” ---- Boy did he preach to ME that day!

Outside of work, Dr. Patel enjoys going to the gym, dance, and seasonal sports such as volleyball and swimming. She enjoy dining out and the culinary experience. She also enjoys drawing, painting, Do It Yourself home projects and crafts, as well as enjoying time with friends and family.

Her strong commitment to core values of services and her commitment to the greater good underscore the importance of giving back to the community. A personal family mission trip to Tanzania in 2013, further piqued her interest and enthusiasm for mission trips with OneSight.

Dr. Patel looks forward to getting involved with area schools/organizations in the course of speaking engagements and doing school screening exams, and /or health fairs. She believes that getting out and about with your work to help the community is very rewarding.

Dr. Patel's family, for the most part lives out of the state or abroad in London, Africa and India. She enjoys using the modern technologies to keep in touch, and even admits to using Skype a bit too much.

She also speaks Gujarati and Spanish.

All in all, Dr. Patel welcomes you to The Eye Center and looks forward to tending to your Eye needs.

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