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Rayban 1 Day Contact Lenses

Net Plastic Neutral Contact Lenses

Shift Your Vision To The Environment

Be the first to experience the benefits of the Rayban 1 day contact lens for YOU and the environment. Not only has Coopervision partnered with one of the number one sunglass companies but it's tackling a bigger beast with your help.

The Rayban 1 day lens, from the point of manufacturing to your day to day use, equals a net plastic neutral impact on the environment.

What is "Net Plastic Neutral" mean and why should we care?"

Being net plastic neutral or plastic neutral means for every amount of plastic created, the equivalent amount of plastic is recovered from the environment by a company (The good guys at Coopervision) and recycled. Why should we care? We only get one Earth and as consumers, we are constantly trying to find ways that don't seem too grueling to complete in our everyday life to do our part.

Now more about the benefits for you as the patient:

  • Only made with the best materials - silicone hydrogel is the healthiest for daily disposable contact lenses
  • Better doesn't always have to come at a higher price - Rayban 1 day are a great way to get into daily lenses without the daily lens price tag
  • Not having to change your everyday lifestyle to be a part of a larger cause and positively impact the environment with one simple decision.
  • Unparalleled vision at an unparalleled price the Rayban 1 Day gives wearers all day comfort whether you are looking at a screen for 6 hours or 16 hours
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