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Contacts for Children

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When Can Children Start Wearing Contact Lenses?

There are differing opinions about when children can and should start wearing contact lenses. Every child is different; some are ready to wear contacts, while others are not, regardless of age. So it’s best to discuss your child and his or her needs with your optometrist.

More than 50% of eye doctors think that aged 10-12 is a good time to start children on soft contacts in a recent study. Others prefer to wait till age 13 or 14. And then there are doctors who would start as young as 8 years old.

Many children and teens, and even adults find that contact lenses are better for sports than glasses, with less of a chance to break or lose them. Other children find that it is easier in school without the hassle of glasses.

Most pre-teens and teens are very image conscious, and many just don’t like how they look in glasses. So for them, contacts are worn for more aesthetic reasons than anything else.

Remember, contact lens use is an ongoing process. As a child grows, the lens fit may change as well, so it is important to have annual contact lens assessments. Plus, new technology is always being developed to improve the comfort and quality of contact lenses. Contact lenses are a wonderful invention but they must be used with proper care. Before you let your teen take the plunge into contact lens use, make sure you review the dangers and safety guidelines.

Another important advantage of daily disposable contact lenses is that there is no longer a need for you to worry about being forgetful when it comes your contact lens replacement schedule.