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Home » What's New » Winter Dry Eyes… No Need to Suffer

Winter Dry Eyes… No Need to Suffer

Even though it is common to refer to winter as the wet time of year due to the precipitation, the air is actually a lot dryer during the colder months, which often causes your eyes to be irritated more quickly.

Our eye care team is available to assist you in selecting the best ways to keep your eyes moisturized during the dry winter season. While you are indoors you should prevent dryness by using a humidifier. Optometrists recommend the use of humidifiers in rooms with forced air heaters, which can take away moisture from the environment.

Additionally, it’s wise to take added protective measures once you're going outside and will be exposed to the elements. You can further protect your eyes from the elements by wearing a brimmed hat and wearing sunglasses. The point is to guard your eyes from the whipping winds and prevent evaporation of the tear film in your eyes.

If your symptoms become unbearable you should think about lubricating eye drops which may help manage the irritating symptoms of dry eyes. Speak to your eye doctor prior to starting to use eye drops to make sure they are suitable for your symptoms.

Don't forget that if you use contact lenses you need to be especially careful in the colder months. When possible, make use of rewetting drops frequently. While you may not realize it, lenses are like sponges and must stay hydrated to keep their shape. If they begin to dry out, the lenses can lose their shape and cling to your eyes, which causes pain and blurriness. So do your eyes a favor and keep them moisturized this winter. With a little knowledge and planning, you can avoid the dangers of the harsh elements and keep your eyes clear and moisturized the whole season!