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Caring for Contacts


Contact lens wearers must be careful to treat their contacts adequately. Improper care can lead to damaged lenses, or or even serious eye infections or abrasions, which occasionally results in vision loss. Any individuals that are not capable of properly taking care of their contact lenses probably want to consider an alternative option for corrective eye wear.

Not to worry, though... taking care of your lenses is simpler than you may think. With one-bottle treatments and one-use contacts, tending to your lenses is cheaper, takes less time and involves less trouble than in the past. Still, there are several necessary guidelines to be aware of.

First of all it is advised to speak to your eye doctor to get individualized advice. Additionally, make sure you don't switch your care routine without checking with your optician first. Certain solutions can react with each other or with certain kinds of lenses and can damage your eyes. Our expert staff can help you determine the proper treatment for your lenses.

Proper lens care requires cleaning and disinfecting your lenses daily. Make sure to wash your hands prior to touching your contacts. Your eyes are among the most direct routes for dirt and germs to reach your body. Further, don't make the error of using saline for cleaning or disinfecting your contacts. Saline solution should only be used for storing purposes, not cleaning. In addition, be sure to clean your lens case with all-in-one solution after every use and to keep it open and dry between uses. Professionals advise that you replace your case at least every few months.

Yes, there may be an array of products out there, but armed with a little knowledge you can be sure you are caring for your lenses properly, ensuring healthier eyes and clearer vision!