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Home » What's New » AccuExam: A Major Improvement in Eye Health Assessments

AccuExam: A Major Improvement in Eye Health Assessments

Update : Technology is always changing and we are always ahead of the curve. We now lead the greater Raleigh/Durham area in Clarifye Digital Eye Exam, the latest technology in eye exams.

July 20, 2014

AccuExam: A Major Improvement in Eye Health Assessments 

Dr. Naheed Kassam, Dr. Mojgan Besharat and Dr. Geeta Chowdhary Lead the Greater Raleigh/Durham Area by Offering this Advanced Eyecare Diagnostic Technology

Eye care technology seems to improve each day and if you are a patient of The Eye Center of Raleigh, Durham, Fayetteville, Burlington or Wilmington,  then you know this first hand.  Dr. Naheed Kassam, Dr. Mojgan Besharat and Dr. Geeta Chowdhary have been leaders in bringing the latest technologies to the communities his practices serve and today he is pleased to announce the availability of AccuExam.  Offered exclusively by LensCrafters, Accuexam is a technologically more advanced digital eye exam used to capture the eye's unique "roadmap" in order to determine the best prescription for your vision needs.

Besides visual acuity or how well you can see, AccuExam in tandem with Retinal Imaging provides a comprehensive assessment of your eye health identifying even early stage conditions of macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, keratoconus, diabetes, and other eye health concerns.  “Typically, these diseases go unnoticed by patients for months and sometimes years,” explained Dr. Kassamfrom his North Hills, Raleigh office. “By catching these conditions early we are able to prescribe preventative care to protect our patients’ valuable sight.” AccuExam offers a true “eye health” examination.

With all of the data being generated by AccuExam, Dr. Kassam can recommend the right treatments and preventative care to make sure his patients are maximizing their vision and preventing any disease processes from diminishing their eye health. “Our entire exam time is reduced, more comprehensive and more accurate,” reported Dr. Kassam.  “This is a major benefit for our patients.”  Additionally, it is now easier to compare patients’ progress from one visit to the next as a means of tracking the progresssion of any disease process.

For more information contact:

Naheed Kassam, OD